Dr. Trina Larsen SolesTrina closer

Doctors of BC

President 2017-2018


A Strong Voice for Change.   My political involvement began with the BC rural doctors job action in 1998. Through that experience I learned that sometimes you have to stand up and confront government to accomplish things, but you must also be willing to do the hard and tedious work to build solutions after any battle is over. I have built solutions through the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada, a national organization I helped develop and lead, which has profoundly impacted rural medical education and policies across Canada. I continue involvement as Co-Chair of the Advancing Rural Family Medicine Canadian Collaborative Taskforce, where SRPC is working together with the College of Family Physicians. I have spoken out locally, provincially and nationally on behalf of my colleagues, my patients, and my community.

An Advocate for Physicians.   I have worked in Doctors of BC on a variety of committees. I am currently Chair of the General Assembly and Vice Chair of the Board. I have experience in policy development and strategic negotiations and was part of our recent contract negotiations that established facility based funding to enable many specialist colleagues to address their specific issues.   I have helped accomplish positive changes through our association and I plan to be part of improving things for physicians and patients in this province in the future. My leadership experience has demonstrated that I can stand up for the things that matter, and work hard to negotiate, collaborate, and build positive change

An Advocate for System Development.  Our system needs to improve and change or it will not survive. I support publicly funded health care and equitable access for all Canadians. Physicians must be involved at every level in fixing what is broken and challenging our health authorities and Ministry of Health to help us provide efficient and effective quality of care for our patients.  I will work to make the system better for all of us. I will not back down from confrontation if necessary, but I believe we are better and stronger working together within our profession to leverage effective change.

We face many challenges.  Doctors of BC needs to help address issues of dissatisfaction within the profession.  An organization representing 12,000 members will struggle to balance all the competing needs.  Our new governance structure of Board, Representative Assembly and Committees must ensure we do represent our members.   We must support our profession to remain autonomous and be a strong and healthy voice for physicians and health care in British Columbia

I promise that I will serve you well.

Dr. Trina Larsen Soles