A Clear Choice in Leadership

Why care about your choice for President Elect of our organization?

The President is the public voice and face of the Doctors of BC.   It is critical that the person elected to take on this position have a broad understanding of the issues affecting the health care system in BC, as well as the professional lives of all our members.  We must focus on the care of patients and our ability to do our work effectively.  Last year the Ministry released three policy documents on their vision for the health care system in BC. It is critical that we be involved in their implementation to ensure these are positive changes for patients and for physicians. We must speak out on behalf of our colleagues, our patients, and our communities.  My strengths are in health policy development as well as negotiations and consensus building. I believe I can be the most effective voice for the physicians of this province.  As the current Chair of the General Assembly and Vice Chair of the Board I have proved my ability to work well with a diverse group of physicians.   I also will work to broaden the current board composition where we have minimal representation from physicians outside the lower mainland, specialists, and female physicians.  We can do better.


I believe the Doctors of BC must be representative, balanced, and effective. Whatever structural changes may occur in the organization in the future it must represent all of its members and be a strong voice for appropriate patient care in our province. Rural and urban, generalist and specialist, all must work together to protect and improve health care and our working environment in BC

Current changes to the credentialing process are proceeding and physicians have fought hard to have meaningful involvement in the process. Our contract sets a framework for physician influence which has the potential to significantly improve our working lives but it  must be accomplished with the active involvement of the local physicians. The new regional support workers and facilities engagement process gives better potential for input from specialists in hospitals and resource planning that directly affects their ability to work. It is essential to address issues that impair our ability to care for our patients.  We must achieve better engagement of the membership, and make the Doctors of BC truly an association that supports the needs of you, the members.

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I believe members want a good contract, representation of their views within the organization, and a strong voice representing physicians in our dialogues with government and other health care professionals. I am asking for your support in my campaign to become President Elect of the Doctors of BC. I have the skills and experience to be an effective advocate on your behalf.


I have demonstrated throughout my professional life that I will work hard on behalf of my patients and my community.  I have always acted with integrity and will continue to do so for all the physicians of BC.

The choice is yours


Trina Larsen Soles

President Elect

Doctors of BC